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Characterising toxicity at the cell membrane during spinosyn biosynthesis

Goddard BIV thumbnail
BIV Goddard

Investigating the viral inhibitory effects

Skidmore BIV Thumbnail
BIV Skidmore

Development of an integrated process for the production of functional food additives

Du BIV Thumbnail

Development of high-value functional food supplements from an algal biorefinery

Pearson BIV Thumbnail
BIV Pearson

Development of a cell-free biosynthesis strategy for high-value natural products

Moore BIV Thumbnail
BIV Moore

Extracting value from agri-food waste using membrane technology

Das BIV Thumbnail

Purification and characterisation of sophorolipids using supercritical CO2

Elias BIV Thumbnail
BIV Elias

Immobilising enzymes on mesoporous carbonaceous materials for potential application in carbon capture

Miles BIV Thumbnail
BIV Miles

Proof of Concept

Development of a new biocatalytic process to generate high value chemicals from lignin

Bruce PoC Thumbnail
PoC Bruce

Producing hyaluronic acid in Acetobacter species

Ellis PoC Thumbnail
PoC Ellis

Chemoenzymatic upcycling of biocatalytic reaction waste: harnessing access to high value chiral building blocks

Cosgrove PoC Thumbnail
PoC Cosgrove

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