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Follow-on Fund Awards

POC-HVB-FOF 202308 Wallace CASE STUDY thumbnail

Microbial hydrogen gas from diverse bacteria for sustainable synthesis

POC-HVB-FOF 202310 Goddard CASE STUDY thumbnail 1

Characterising changes in membrane composition during spinosyn production

POC-HVB-FOF 202311 FRASER Case study thumbnail

Improving the sustainability profile of carotenoid products

POC-HVB-FOF 202311 FRASER Case study
POC-HVB-FOF 202307 BRUCE Case study thumbnail

Scale up and optimisation of a new biocatalytic process to generate high value chemicals from lignin

POC-HVB-FOF 202307 BRUCE Case study

Business Interaction Vouchers

Gavrilovic thumbnail

A Greener Approach to Wound Healing

Gavrilovic BIV Case Study
Thomas BIV Thumbnail

Browser-based comparative analysis of industrial fermentations

HVB Case Study Thomas
Goddard BIV thumbnail

Characterising toxicity at the cell membrane during spinosyn biosynthesis

BIV Goddard
Skidmore BIV Thumbnail

Investigating the viral inhibitory effects

BIV Skidmore
Du BIV Thumbnail

Development of an integrated process for the production of functional food additives

Pearson BIV Thumbnail

Development of high-value functional food supplements from an algal biorefinery

BIV Pearson
Moore BIV Thumbnail

Development of a cell-free biosynthesis strategy for high-value natural products

BIV Moore
Das BIV Thumbnail

Extracting value from agri-food waste using membrane technology

Elias BIV Thumbnail

Purification and characterisation of sophorolipids using supercritical CO2

BIV Elias
Miles BIV Thumbnail

Immobilising enzymes on mesoporous carbonaceous materials for potential application in carbon capture

BIV Miles
Ahmed thumbnail

Development of a natural bio-based sunscreen product from an algal-mushroom biorefinery

HVB Case Study Ahmed
Nagarajan thumbnail

Enhancing Butanediol Fermentation Yields via Hydrodynamic Cavitation Pre-Treatment of Sugar Beet Pulp

Nagarajan Case study

Proof of Concept Projects

Bruce PoC Thumbnail

Development of a new biocatalytic process to generate high value chemicals from lignin

PoC Bruce
Yu thumbnail 3

Enhance selectivity for high value bioproducts from CO2 and waste organics through microbial electrosynthesis

Yu PoC Case study
Ellis PoC Thumbnail

Producing hyaluronic acid in Acetobacter species

PoC Ellis
Cosgrove PoC Thumbnail

Chemoenzymatic upcycling of biocatalytic reaction waste: harnessing access to high value chiral building blocks

PoC Cosgrove
Li thumbnail 3

Microbial and enzymatic transformation of artemisinin

Li Case study 3
Campbell thumbnail3

Production and characterisation of chitosan oligosaccharides from bioprocessing of mushroom waste

Campbell PoC case study
Fraser POC thumbnail

Royal Holloway, University of London Laboratory Products; creating commercial activity from knowledge transfer

HVB Case Study Template POC Fraser 19Dec2022
Elias thumbnail

SOphoroLipid PROduction (SOLIPRO)

Elias PoC Case study
Kelly Thumbnail

Synthetic metabolic feedback for the efficient bioproduction of 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-HP)

Kelly Case study
POC-HVB-202304 Lichman CASE STUDY thumbnail

Biocatalytic routes to insect repellents from plant derived feedstock

POC-HVB-202304 Lichman CASE STUDY
POC-HVB-202305 THOMPSON case study thumbnail

The potential of agrivoltaics to enhance bioactives from horticultural crops

POC-HVB-202305 THOMPSON case study

Enterprise Fellowships

Screenshot 2023-11-07 170817

Enterprise Fellowships 2021-23 [Brochure]

The HVB Enterprise Fellowship Programme was an innovative scheme that aimed to support successful individuals to progress research towards commercialisation and to develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills. Following a competitive process in 2021, HVB awarded three fellowships.

The programme offered support in communications and entrepreneurial skills training, together with a flexible approach, enabling the Fellows to seek additional opportunities and maximise their chance of success.

This document presents the progress of the three Fellows.

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