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Opportunity to shape our future policy engagement

Building on several policy related activities for HVB members where we have been gathering information to inform our ongoing engagement with policy makers, we would like to invite all HVB members to contribute to an online discussion forum

Joanna Sparks (the Biomass Policy Fellow working with HVB, BBNet, The Carbon Recycling Network, and the Supergen Bioenergy Hub) is gathering data to better understand the high value Biorenewables sector: the potential; key barriers; the policy landscape; and the networks key messages to government. We would welcome input from all HVB members as the contributions of a diverse range contributors (including disciplines, sectors, and career stages) will make this conversation even more useful! 

These conversations and activities will inform our future policy engagement, particularly in relation to the development of the new UK Biomass Strategy. This is your opportunity to help shape that engagement, and make sure the messages and evidence we are putting to policy makers truly reflect your findings and experiences, and the needs of your sector.

The activity is set up using an online platform which can be accessed here. There is no need to answer every question, you can simply input where you have something you want to say and you can also respond to other people’s input.  Further information and instructions are included on the page itself, as is a link to a folder where supporting evidence can be added if you would like to do so. The discussion board will be open throughout November for you to add to.

If you have any questions or any issues with the page, please contact Joanna on


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