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BBSRC is pleased to announce up to £2M for a funding call in Industrial Biotechnology for Improving Production of Higher Value Chemicals. The funding will support short collaborative projects of between 12 to 24 months with a value up to £250K and will support research to address challenges in applying bioprocesses for improving the production of higher value chemicals. The aims of the funding call are to accelerate the de-risking of IB processes and help bridge the gap to larger-scale projects and further public or private investment. The multidisciplinary and collaborative projects will enable the translation of research into industrial processes supporting the development of post-proof of concept research progressing it towards technology readiness levels (TRLs) 3, 4 and 5. Collaborations with industry will be compulsory to help direct research toward industrially relevant challenges and support the translation of bioprocesses into an industrial environment.

BBSRC consulted with industry and the academic community in order to better understand the role of bioscience in achieving the desired innovation within the chemical manufacturing sector. The full report of this consultation exercise provides an overview of the current drivers within the sector and the research challenges that need to be addressed in applying bioprocessing to improve the production of higher value chemicals (see pages 14 – 16). The consultation also highlighted the support requirements that are needed to address these research challenges and this call aims to address some of those gaps. The report can be found at . 

The call will open on 5 November 2019.   

BBSRC will be holding a Town Meeting to give potential applicants and stakeholders an opportunity to find out more about the background to the call and understand the industrial challenges in this area. The meeting will also be an opportunity to hear from relevant industry and academic stakeholders as well as meet potential collaborators and discuss areas of research within the scope of the call which might form applications to the call.

For more information please visit:

Please register for your free place at the meeting using this online form by 12 November 12:00.


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