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16th May 2023, 10:00 to 17:00

HVB Workshop: How biotechnology can unlock higher value from UK break crops

Can your research add value to underutilised crops?

High value biorenewables have the potential to increase the diversity of UK agriculture by improving the economic viability of underutilised break crops. Through biotechnological innovations, we can not only create market opportunities for more sustainable products but improve biodiversity and crop resilience in UK farming.

Break crops are grown to break up continuous cereal cropping. The range of current break crops widely grown in the UK is limited, which leads to problems with weed, pest and disease control under current farming methods. 

Following on from our UK Grown report, the HVB Network is holding a one day workshop to bring together experts from different areas of the value chain, seeding new collaborations and knowledge transfer, helping to steer funding and policy and identify challenges and opportunities in the field.

Join us to:

  • promote your biotech innovations to stakeholders across the value chain 
  • learn about emerging innovations and research
  • form new consortia through networking opportunities
  • share insights on gaps to be addressed by funding or policy at round table discussions

If you are interested in attending this free, one-day event please email Please contact us if you would like to present research that could be applied to add value to a novel break crop.

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